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Q: How do I know what ingredients I am allergic to?

A:  Our products are safe and made for the woman who deals with sensitive skin; an issue Actress Ciera Payton is much too familiar with.  However, allergies come in all different forms including irritants from both natural and synthetic ingredients. A full list of SCP ingredients is available on our Ingredients page.

We also recommend that you take the time out to get allergy tested.  Visit your doctor to get a patch test in order to find out specific allergy results.

You can also visit these sites to find out about common cosmetic allergies:

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We currently only ship to the United States.

Q: Are you only selling lipsticks? Will you add other makeup items like eye shadows, blushes, and lipglosses?

A: SCP is just getting started with an array and variety of natural lipsticks! Our plan is to add additional cosmetic essentials at the beginning of 2017. Currently, we are looking to add lipglosses and eyeshadows to our line. Please visit our social media sites, websites, and join our mailing to stay up to date on developments!

Q: How can I get a product named after me

A: Yes you can get a lipstick named after you! Launching in Fall 2016, the SCP Your Story Initiative and Contest will begin. Customers will be encouraged to share their story of beauty and will be highlighted on our social media and website platform. SCP staff will review and pick the best story to have it celebrated through naming a lipcolor after that customer.