The Official Launch Party!

We had a ball at our official company launch party! Friday December 16, 2016 marked the launch of Sincerely Cosmetics! It was a great night filled with lots of celebration and love!

Our esteemed sponsors provided an array of services! We were pleased to have Casa Mexico Tequila as our Tequila Sponsor. The best Tequila ever!

Challen Winery provided the most smoothest Pinot Noir to our guests!

Rico Coquito was a sweet and delightful treat to our guests.

Third and Arrow provided financial support and displayed some of their goodies from their online boutique!

Center Link LLC, an organization that supports minority women business owners, was there to provide the beautiful venue. Our guests enjoyed the breathtaking  view of Los Angeles from the Emerson Penthouse Rooftop.

Makeup Artist Rebecca Rougue was on hand to help customers pick out the right lipstick and lipglosses that compliment their skin tones.

Chef James of Kitchen Bongue  treated our guest to an array of appetizers most notably the jalapeno salad boat!

Pristine Prestige PR facilitated in promoting the event and accommodating our VIP guests.

Gift Joy Entertainment did extensive promoting of the event and created our video flyer.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the seed planted by Round 1 Funding. Connie Wade owner of Round 1 Funding helped Sincerely Cosmetics launch a crown funding campaign on their site which helped to raise $5,000.00 to jump start the company.

Our photographers Candice Wright and Ashley Osbourne captured the night’s festivities! They got great action shots of our youth dancers from Casa Esperanza. The two young ladies performed a special dance piece of the tradition Mexican folk dance Ballet Florkorico.

As stated in our mission, we contribute 5% of sales to arts based programs geared towards at-risk youth. Our fiscal sponsor Tender Steps of New York ensure that these funds are allocated to those programs.

The night was a hit! Our guest enjoyed the grooves of DJ George Bush and live entertainment by Ameikole and Teddy Diaz! Even our models Alexis Diaz and Samantha Valentine made a special appearance.

VIP guests in attendances were T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh most notably known for her comedic roles on In Living Color and That’s So Raven and Austin Jaye of Bold and the Beautiful came through to show their support. A number of beauty bloggers and media outlets joined in all the fun!

The night was magical and great sendoff for the launch of a brand new Vegan Cosmetic Line!



The Sincerely Ciera Payton CrowdFunding Campaign

Starting a business is tough! Over the past 3 months I’ve learned my fair share of lessons (not mistakes) in taking the first leaps into entrepreneurship. Some would stop me there and say, “Wait a minute, you’re an actress and haven’t you been running an arts based program for a while?” To these questions, my answer is, YES! However, let’s be clear, running your personal acting business includes mucho time, energy and money invested without knowing when or how that will be returned or manifested. Running my own arts-based program is great! However, I rely on donations and grants to run that and am at the beckon call of stipulations and requirements.


But with a cosmetic company, this is a whole different beast! Spreadsheets, mailings, product inventory, website development, access to capital! Did I mention I’m doing this all by myself? Solo Dolo! And yep! While maintaining the previously mentioned ventures!


So the initial lesson I learned this summer was…don’t launch a new company while working on another(s). Be considerate of your time in order to focus your energy properly. Huh? Well, I decided to launch Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics at the beginning of the summer, which is the beginning of my Michael’s Daughter Project Summer Camp, in which I work with 20 teenage students to create and produce an original production (this year was a 40 minute documentary). So picture me teaching 5 days during the week, auditioning, editing a documentary, and announcing a new business venture. I was going bananas! However, I relied on help whenever it was offered!


Now that the summer camp is over, I can now refocus and pick all of the pieces that were left behind. One of those is managing the crowdfunding campaign. As I’m sure most of you know, starting any new venture is challenging and hopefully, you’ll learn from me and not launch it during a hectic time.


The reason I launched my crowdfunding campaign is simple, Sincerely Ciera Payton needs capital to make this business a huge success! Like many of us who were bit by the entrepreneur bug, we have strong visions of what our company will become but gaining access to funds is challenging. Crowdfunding has become a standard in getting people involved with what you are doing!


My mission with Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics is to make sure that women are looking good while using safe and hypo-allergenic products! I won’t bore you with the horror stories of discovering what is found in most mainstream cosmetics or slap you with the facts of how cosmetics are regulated in the USA. We don’t know what we are putting on our bodies and ingesting when we are buying most cosmetics.


Giving back is extremely important to me. Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics will build a foundation based on giving back. I want women to know that while they are rocking Woo or Costa, their money went to the good deed of supporting arts-based programs such as the Michael’s Daughter Project. Our at-risk youth and underserved communities are at a high need of arts-based education. The arts empower and inspire our youth who in return will be our future leaders. Please take a moment to watch the crowdfunding video and pitch in to donate whatever you can.



Check Out Our Perks!

$5.00 Crown: For your $5 contribution we will send a special social media thank you and shout out!
$10.00 Majestic: A personalized thank you note from Ciera Payton.


Regal: When you give $25, Sincerely Ciera Payton will send you a special gift certificate code available for your use on This certificate will never expire.
$50.00 Legendary: For your contribution, Sincerely Ciera Payton will send you a tube of lipstick along with 3 other lipstick samples.
$75.00 Queen’s Box: 1 tube and 3 samples with a personalized note card of love and empowerment, written by Ciera Payton.
$100.00 Powerful: Enjoy VIP access to the Sincerely Ciera Payton Launch Party in December in Downtown Los Angeles. Have your picture taken on the red carpet and featured on the Sincerely Ciera Payton website
$500.00  Opulent: Ever wanted to say you have a product named after you? Well, now you can! With your $500 contribution, you will have a lipstick named in your honor! With this, your lipstick name will be available to SCP customers. Three complimentary lipstick tubes of your specially named lip color will be sent to you in addition to the rewards listed in the $50-$100 range. *terms and conditions will apply.
$1000.00 Alluring: With this contribution, you and/or your company will be honored as an official SCP Cosmetics sponsor. Not only will you be gifted lipstick, along with having a shade named in your honor, but while you are enjoying VIP access to the launch party, your logo will be on display on our red carpet and website. Additional Perks Include: You will receive special acknowledgment at the September 24th launch party. I year of free of Queen’s Box (a subscription service with special seasonal shades and personalized note of love and empowerment) Autographed photo of Actress Ciera Payton Invite to exclusive Investor Thank You Dinner



Cosmetics for Social Change

Cosmetics for Social Change

When I started making the lipsticks I did not think that anyone would take pay attention to the shades I was wearing. I just saw them as something I needed to make for myself because I couldn’t find lipsticks in store that suited my sensitive lips. I was surprised when my family and friends became intrigued about the lipsticks I was wearing. They wanted to know where I got them, so when I told them that I didn’t buy them and I made them from scratch from natural ingredients, they were shocked. They would look at me for a minute, look at the lip shade, then back at me and say, “That makes sense, because I’ve never seen a shade like that in stores.” Soon, a few friends and family asked me to create a few samples for them to try. Then I started getting more requests from more of my female friends saying, “Please, make more! We want to buy more!”. Not long after that I found myself catering to their requests and making them lipsticks on my spare time. The more I made them, the more I thought about the harmful toxins/chemicals found in mainstream makeup and how women, like me, who get allergic reactions from these ingredients and women who do not get allergic reactions should have access to affordable, safe, and healthy cosmetics, that is good for our skin. This initial thought led me to create Sincerely Ciera Payton. Even with this thought, another thought kept looming in the back of my head: Make up should make a person feel good in their skin, but it should do and spread good… to our youth.

For years now, I have been giving back to underprivileged youth. I give back to them because…I was one of them. I was an underprivileged inner-city girl in an underserved community that was surrounded by drugs and alcohol at home and on the streets. In order to escape the pain that all these things brought into my life, I turned to the arts. The arts became my best friend that helped me cope with the pain I suffered in my youth. It allowed me to develop life skills. It gave me the freedom to express my emotions, my mind, and my soul. It said to me, “ Be you.” To this day, it allows me to express my authentic self. I cannot imagine my life without it. I know that if it had not been for the arts, I would not be where I am today. Most of all, I would not be who I am today. Being a witness of how the arts transformed my life, I knew that I wanted to show and share to underprivileged youth the power of the arts. So, I set up an acting and creative writing workshop based on my woman show, Michael’s Daughter and named it the Michael’s Daughter Project, because I realized that my story, was not my story to keep, it was their story, it was everyone’s story. Through this workshop I am able to work with and inspire underprivileged youth. I give them a safe space to express themselves. They are able to share their stories, their hopes, their dreams, and find their voices. They are able to experience the freedom and the power of the arts. I just don’t want only the youth that I work with to experience this power, I want all underprivileged youth to experience it. I want them to see and know that art is a beacon of hope that can help them find their own power to take them out of their darkness and into the light. For them to understand, know, and believe that they are not their environment. Where they are now, is not where they will be and does not define who they will be in the future. And that is why a portion of all sales from my cosmetics will go to art education programs geared toward the empowerment of inner-city-at risk youth. I believe that all youth should have a place or have an activity that gives them the freedom to express themselves. For anyone who buys my products, not only will they feel like a queen, they will be a queen because they will have a hand in helping change a child’s life.

I may be an actress, but I am a firm believer that there is something that we can all do to benefit another human being. What will you do?