About SCP

Sincerely Ciera Payton

Sincerely Ciera Payton is a cosmetic line created by Actress Ciera Payton. Being a ten-year Hollywood veteran, she has appeared in numerous television shows and films. After several unfortunate experiences in the make-up room chairs that left her with swollen lips and unflattering rashes on her face, Ciera found it particularly important to be aware of the cosmetic products that wouldn’t harm or irritate her sensitive skin. Her personal research led her to the discovery that many of today’s most popular cosmetic products are made with harsh chemicals and toxic dyes that cause allergic reactions to many women who have sensitive skin just like Ciera. 

Ciera began teaching herself how to make homemade lipsticks and lip balms. Whenever she wanted to add a pop of lip color for her red carpet appearances, she would whip out her homemade product. Soon friends and family started inquiring about the unique lip shades Ciera would wear. After creating a few samples to give out, Ciera found herself catering to the demands of her female friends, "we want to buy some more!" This led to the creation of Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics.

In summer of 2016 Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics have launched a long-awaited premiere. Debuting 12 exclusive shades with specialized ingredients that are safe and natural enough for daily wear!


Visit Ciera Payton's website to find out more about her work and upcoming appearances. 


Our Mission

Sincerely Ciera Payton provides an array of mineral based cosmetics that are geared towards women of all ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic lines, but particularly will cater to women who suffer from reactions to the harmful toxins found in most mainstream cosmetics. Modern women, like Ciera, are becoming more keenly focused on their own health and beauty regimes. They desire cosmetics that not only enhance their beauty but are healthy and safe to their own well-being.


The cosmetics presented by Sincerely Ciera Payton are free of preservatives and unnatural, synthetic ingredients. We are a cruelty-free cosmetic company, meaning no testing on animals and all products are mineral based.


Giving Back

Arts and Youth Advocacy 

As an artist who has used her upbringing as a means of inspiration, fuel, and empowerment, Ciera finds it most important to shed light on the needs of our youth in under-served communities. Art, for Ciera, was a coping tool which enabled her to channel the pain her childhood into becoming a successful actress.  

This is why SCP will make it a priority to give back to under-served and under-privileged communities. A portion of sales will go into arts education programs geared toward the empowerment of inner-city at-risk youth. 

So ladies, while you look good, you'll be doing some good! 

The Queen

SCP Logo

Our customers must know that we appreciate, YOU and we want to empower you to embrace your inner queen. 

The way in which Nefertiti’s bust displays her head being held high while holding up her crown is how every woman should look when they embrace their beauty. Regal, classy, and powerful; the true definition of a queen. This is why Nefertiti’s silhouette is the symbol of Sincerely Ciera Payton, to remind our customers that when you wear our natural cosmetics that you are indeed a Queen and to always hold your head up high.


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