The Sincerely Ciera Payton CrowdFunding Campaign

Starting a business is tough! Over the past 3 months I’ve learned my fair share of lessons (not mistakes) in taking the first leaps into entrepreneurship. Some would stop me there and say, “Wait a minute, you’re an actress and haven’t you been running an arts based program for a while?” To these questions, my answer is, YES! However, let’s be clear, running your personal acting business includes mucho time, energy and money invested without knowing when or how that will be returned or manifested. Running my own arts-based program is great! However, I rely on donations and grants to run that and am at the beckon call of stipulations and requirements.


But with a cosmetic company, this is a whole different beast! Spreadsheets, mailings, product inventory, website development, access to capital! Did I mention I’m doing this all by myself? Solo Dolo! And yep! While maintaining the previously mentioned ventures!


So the initial lesson I learned this summer was…don’t launch a new company while working on another(s). Be considerate of your time in order to focus your energy properly. Huh? Well, I decided to launch Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics at the beginning of the summer, which is the beginning of my Michael’s Daughter Project Summer Camp, in which I work with 20 teenage students to create and produce an original production (this year was a 40 minute documentary). So picture me teaching 5 days during the week, auditioning, editing a documentary, and announcing a new business venture. I was going bananas! However, I relied on help whenever it was offered!


Now that the summer camp is over, I can now refocus and pick all of the pieces that were left behind. One of those is managing the crowdfunding campaign. As I’m sure most of you know, starting any new venture is challenging and hopefully, you’ll learn from me and not launch it during a hectic time.


The reason I launched my crowdfunding campaign is simple, Sincerely Ciera Payton needs capital to make this business a huge success! Like many of us who were bit by the entrepreneur bug, we have strong visions of what our company will become but gaining access to funds is challenging. Crowdfunding has become a standard in getting people involved with what you are doing!


My mission with Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics is to make sure that women are looking good while using safe and hypo-allergenic products! I won’t bore you with the horror stories of discovering what is found in most mainstream cosmetics or slap you with the facts of how cosmetics are regulated in the USA. We don’t know what we are putting on our bodies and ingesting when we are buying most cosmetics.


Giving back is extremely important to me. Sincerely Ciera Payton Cosmetics will build a foundation based on giving back. I want women to know that while they are rocking Woo or Costa, their money went to the good deed of supporting arts-based programs such as the Michael’s Daughter Project. Our at-risk youth and underserved communities are at a high need of arts-based education. The arts empower and inspire our youth who in return will be our future leaders. Please take a moment to watch the crowdfunding video and pitch in to donate whatever you can.



Check Out Our Perks!

$5.00 Crown: For your $5 contribution we will send a special social media thank you and shout out!
$10.00 Majestic: A personalized thank you note from Ciera Payton.


Regal: When you give $25, Sincerely Ciera Payton will send you a special gift certificate code available for your use on This certificate will never expire.
$50.00 Legendary: For your contribution, Sincerely Ciera Payton will send you a tube of lipstick along with 3 other lipstick samples.
$75.00 Queen’s Box: 1 tube and 3 samples with a personalized note card of love and empowerment, written by Ciera Payton.
$100.00 Powerful: Enjoy VIP access to the Sincerely Ciera Payton Launch Party in December in Downtown Los Angeles. Have your picture taken on the red carpet and featured on the Sincerely Ciera Payton website
$500.00  Opulent: Ever wanted to say you have a product named after you? Well, now you can! With your $500 contribution, you will have a lipstick named in your honor! With this, your lipstick name will be available to SCP customers. Three complimentary lipstick tubes of your specially named lip color will be sent to you in addition to the rewards listed in the $50-$100 range. *terms and conditions will apply.
$1000.00 Alluring: With this contribution, you and/or your company will be honored as an official SCP Cosmetics sponsor. Not only will you be gifted lipstick, along with having a shade named in your honor, but while you are enjoying VIP access to the launch party, your logo will be on display on our red carpet and website. Additional Perks Include: You will receive special acknowledgment at the September 24th launch party. I year of free of Queen’s Box (a subscription service with special seasonal shades and personalized note of love and empowerment) Autographed photo of Actress Ciera Payton Invite to exclusive Investor Thank You Dinner